Dental Crowns

A man with glasses smiling care-free after getting dental crowns in Henrico, VA from Evolve Dental CareOne of the many restorative treatments that we can offer you here in our Richmond office is the placement of high-quality dental crowns.

What is a Crown?

The crown of your tooth is the part you can see. It is the visible biting surface of each tooth. Your crown is actually quite amazing because it takes on a lot of stress when biting, chewing, speaking, and everything else that you participate in every day.

It is able to handle this stress because of a layer of mineralized material called enamel. Enamel is tough, and does an excellent job of protecting the soft inner parts of your teeth. In fact, it is the hardest material produced by the human body.

Should the enamel become broken, infected, or eroded, then the rest of the tooth is at risk as well.

Placing a Dental Crown

Unfortunately, enamel cannot heal itself, like other cells in our bodies. Once it has been damaged, only the intervention of a dentist can do anything to restore the crown.

There are several reasons that the crown of your tooth might need this type of restorative treatment. Some very common causes of enamel damage include blunt trauma from a car accident or sporting injury, decay from cavities, and bruxism—teeth grinding or clenching—which wears away the enamel through gradual erosion.

Once the natural crown of your tooth is compromised, it is necessary to replace the damaged crown with a synthetic dental crown.

By placing one of these crowns, your biting surface is restored, the insides of your teeth are safe from particles and bacteria, and any toothache pain you felt before will be long gone.

A woman showing off her glowing smile after dental crowns in Richmond, VA at Evolve Dental CareHow Does a Dental Crown Work?

Essentially, dental crowns are small caps that fit over your tooth. They completely cover the damaged area with a solid, protective layer that works just like the natural crown used to.

Dental crowns are made of medical-grade porcelain and crafted with your unique mouth in mind. They are color-matched and individually shaped to fit your bite as perfectly as possible.

This is done by taking precise measurements of your mouth with an intraoral camera and sending those measurements to a computer, where the design of your crown can be finalized.

Talk to Us About Your Dental Treatment

If you have any concerns about your dental health and think that you may need a filling, crown, or other restorative procedure, please give us a call here at Evolve Dental Group. We’ll be more than happy to set you up with an appointment.