Root Canals

A smiling woman after getting a root canal at Evovle Dental Care in Henrico, VAThere is a very negative connotation to the phrase “root canal.” Here at Evolve Dental Care, we’d like to change all that.

Not only are root canal treatments highly beneficial, but they are not, as they have come to be seen, extremely painful and horrific. In fact, one of the greatest benefits to a root canal treatment is the removal of pain as we heal your tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

There is a tooth structure called a root canal. It is, as the name suggests, a canal that runs through the root of the teeth.

This canal is full of highly sensitive nerve endings and soft tissues. That is why an infected root can cause such a painful toothache. Whenever this area becomes inflamed, all of those nerve endings are triggered.

A root canal treatment—commonly known as a root canal—is actually the procedure that cleans out this area and removes that pain, preserving the health of the tooth root.

Root Canal Treatment

It comes as a surprise to many people that a root canal treatment is actually not very different from a regular cavity filling. The same general procedure takes place. The difference is simply location.

Whereas regular cavity fillings are often the cleaning and repairing of a tooth crown, root canals are the cleaning and repairing of a tooth root.

This is done with a long, flexible file that can effectively and comfortably reach down into an inflamed area and clear out all of the damaged and decaying soft tissue.

Once it is clean and sterilized, the root is filled with a soft, biocompatible material. The whole tooth is capped with a durable, customized dental crown.

A man smiling despite getting root canals in Richmond, VA by Evolve Dental Care. Because of their stress-free dentist experience, he leaves happy and ready for the rest of the dayThe Benefits of Having a Root Canal Treatment

The number one benefit to a root canal is the removal of pain.

Many people suffer through their deep toothaches out of fear that the dental procedure will be even worse. This is quite unfortunate and causes the sufferer to live with the pain much longer than necessary. The root canal treatment not only applies effective anesthetic to the area, but removes the source of pain completely.

A second, and extremely valuable, benefit to a root canal is that it will save your tooth root, if it is performed in time. The root of a tooth not only anchors the crown securely in the mouth, but keeps the gums and bone around it healthy as well.

While we do have some amazing and effective procedures for replacing a lost tooth, such as dental implants, saving the natural root before it requires removal is always a much more desirable outcome. It will save you time, recovery, and further dental procedures.

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