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Mission Statement

At Evolve we strive to provide you with the best dental experience yet. Our mission is to minimize your time in the dental chair through education and teamwork. We aim to provide truly comprehensive dentistry in a relaxed and fun environment. We are confident that our friendly staff, loving therapy dog, and ceiling mounted TVs will exceed your expectations and ensure you feel at home.

Evolve Dental Care serves the community of Richmond, Virginia. We bring quality, comprehensive dentistry to patients in the greater Richmond area, including Willow Lawn, West End, Northside and Hanover.

Stress-free Dentistry

Here in our office, we not only strive to provide the most effective treatments and procedures, but we do it with an air of comfort and relaxation that will make your dental visit as stress-free as possible. We even offer laughing gas and have a therapy dog to assist with that comfort.

Yes, you read that right. Ashby is the daughter of our incredible therapy dog Chattam, that we lost to cancer in January 2020. She is in therapy dog training and loves to visit with you before or after your appointment.

Evolve Dental is sensitive to the needs of those with allergies and will take the proper steps to ensure that everyone has an excellent dental experience.

Amazing Staff

Dr. James Oliver himself is also known for his excellent chairside manner and ability to effectively treat even the most anxious of patients. He works hard to stay current with dental advances and genuinely loves the people he sees.

The rest of our staff are equally amazing. From Melissa at the front desk to Brittany in the treatment rooms, we will always great you with a smile and positive attitude. Evolve Dental is ready to treat the whole you, not just your teeth.


At Evolve we work to MAXIMIZE ALL MAJOR INSURANCES for you. We will submit claims on your behalf. We want to be transparent with the cost of your dental treatment and want you to understand the complexity of “insurance”.

Dental insurance is NOT insurance, it is merely a DISCOUNT plan.

The old saying “You Get What You Pay For” holds very true with dental benefits. In order to provide you with the highest quality, comprehensive care we have chosen to practice as an Out-Of-Network dentist.

What does this mean? This means we have not contracted our office with the lower rates of the dental insurance companies. You are responsible for our fees, which most find very reasonable.This allows us to provide individual, personalized care without cutting corners or making you feel like a “number.”

Why? Year after year the insurance companies raise your premiums, but do not raise the reimbursement to healthcare providers. Most “in-network” dental providers lose 20-50% of their income by being “in-network” with an insurance company. Often times, this results in shorter appointment times or other “cost cutting measures” to compensate for the lower payment to the office.

As our patient we will always work to make your dollar go farther, and refuse to compromise your care to do so. We only recommend what we truly think would benefit you. You are family to us and we can’t wait to meet you! Give us a call today!!!

G e n e r a lD e n t i s t r y

The ideal way to deal with problems like cavities and gum disease is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Regular checkups and cleanings help accomplish this, as well as giving us a chance to keep an eye out for potential problems.

When those problems do occur, we confer with you to make a treatment plan that gets them cleaned up as soon as possible.

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C o s m e t i cD e n t i s t r y

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental procedures that affect the aesthetic—or visual look—of your smile. Here in our Richmond office, we have several cosmetic options available to you, including high-quality dental veneers and convenient whitening treatments.

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little something extra to your smile, one or more of these treatments may be just what you’re looking for.

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E m e r g e n c yD e n t i s t r y

We know that dental emergencies are stressful. Between figuring out what you need to do, and finding the time to do it in the midst of everyday life, it can sometimes feel like you’re in over your head.

In these situations, Evolve Dental is here for you. We take same-day patients and are perfectly willing to guide you through your emergency situation.

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Give Us a Call

Our Richmond office is a spectacular place to get high-quality dental service. Give us a call with any questions you might have about our available treatments, or to schedule an appointment.

(804) 266-3026
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