Dental Technology

We live in an amazing time period, where technology and scientific advances allow us to do some pretty incredible things. The dental industry has not been left behind. We have better tools than ever before, and our diagnostic and scanning technology has improved dentistry by leaps and bounds.

What Evolve Dental Group Can Offer You

Our Richmond office is ever-growing its collection of excellent machinery and software. We’re excited to share some of that with you and showcase just how it can make your dental experience a great one.

Digital X-Rays | The jump to digital has improved everything about the traditional x-ray process. We can take x-ray images in higher definition and with greater convenience than ever before.

Nomad | Utilizing the latest X-Ray technology, the Nomad delivers 90% less radiation and you don’t have to wear the lead apron!

Sensor | The Dexis Sensor is top tier in every aspect! The rounded edges make taking X-Rays more comfortable and the digital format allows us to view your X-Ray right then and there together!

Intraoral Cameras | These cameras are invaluable tools in both diagnosis and the customization of dental appliances.

Intraoral cameras are, as the name implies, cameras that can be used inside your oral cavity. Everything a dentist can see with the naked eye, an intraoral camera can look more closely and in higher definition.

On top of the newer sensors, our new intraoral camera allows you to see what the dentist sees! Helping you to understand your dental health at a new level!

Come to Our Richmond Office for High Quality Service

These advances and more will make your dental visit comfortable and efficient. Get in touch with us at Evolve Dental Group for a high-tech dental experience.