Sedation Dentistry

A man laying in the grass smiling after a great experience at the dentist in Henrico VADental checkups and treatments are vital to keeping a completely healthy mouth. Without them, potential problems can not only cause damage to teeth but can affect many other aspects of life.

Unfortunately, severe anxiety about dental visits is a common difficulty that many people face. For some, it is strong enough to prevent them from even making an appointment.

Here at Evolve Dental Care, we understand this difficulty and have several solutions in place to help.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is an add-on that you can get for any dental procedure. Simply put, sedation will relax you—but not knock you out—as your treatment occurs.

Our sedation options come in two forms: Oral Conscious and Laughing Gas.

Oral Conscious | This method of sedation is a pill that you will be given prior to your treatment. The medication relaxes you throughout your appointment.

The oral conscious medication does leave you groggy afterward and will take awhile to wear off. Following your appointment, you will need a ride home.

Laughing Gas | Laughing Gas works in very nearly the same way as the oral medication, with two significant differences.

Laughing gas is administered through a nose mask, rather than ingested. It wears off almost instantly, as soon as the mask is removed. You’ll even be able to safely and legally drive yourself home.

A relaxed woman laying the in sunshine after a stress-free visit to the dentist in Henrico, VAThe Benefits of Sedation

With both of these sedation forms, you will be conscious the entire time. Neither sedation method replaces the necessary anesthetics of the procedure. They are simply additional relaxation agents, in order to help you face the dental chair.

While sedated, both the oral conscious pill and the laughing gas can help ease anxiety, severe gag reflexes, and muscle tension.

Ashby the Therapy Dog

Evolve Dental Care goes above and beyond in our attempt to help you feel comfortable and welcome in the dental office. To that end, we provide the services of our black lab, Ashby.

Ashby is a lovable, friendly, and well-trained therapy dog who can sit next to you while you get your dental work done. He loves to play afterward and makes friends with everyone who comes through the door.

Let us know if you’re interested in having Ashby accompany you during your appointment.

Ask About Your Sedation Options

You deserve great oral health. If anxiety, tension, or strong gag reflexes are causing you to avoid getting the healthcare you need, please talk to us about sedation dentistry. We will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and get healthy.